Designing and producing clothing is in our DNA. Xandres Corporate is part of the Belgian fashion house Xandres and therefore has a lot of professional knowledge and experience. If you choose the Exclusive module, we will develop unique uniforms that fit your company and brand identity perfectly.

  • Workwear with a unique design

    • A wide range of fabrics

      • Your project, fully tailor-made

        Wondering how such an Exclusive process works?

        Developing a brand-new, unique uniform takes quite a bit of organisation. Fortunately, Xandres Corporate has all it takes to make this happen. We can provide you with optimal support in this process. This is what you can expect:

        Preliminary phase

        Getting to know you

        We meet either at our showroom or at a location of your choice to discuss which workwear you need and what we can offer.

        Work meeting

        From fabric and colour down to every detail: together we decide how best to translate your brand identity into a uniform. This meeting also serves as a briefing for our designer.

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        We make a quotation with the costs but also an initial description of each item and a schedule. This way, you won’t be faced with any surprises.



        Product development

        Once you have approved the quotation, our modelists will develop the designs, and we start producing samples.


        Final go-ahead

        All samples are thoroughly checked. We take one last close look at the complete uniform before starting production. Then the big moment: the final go-ahead!



        Before we can start production, we need to know the necessary quantities per size. For larger organisations, we often schedule fitting sessions on site. Alternatively, your colleagues can come to our showroom for a fitting.



        We bundle your order into production orders and start the production at our partners. All tailor-made work is done in our workshop in Destelbergen.

        Logo and alterations

        After production, we put your logo on the clothing and do the necessary alterations in our own workshop.



        Quality control

        Nothing is left to chance, so we carry out a double quality check. On leaving the production site, the clothing is checked for fabric and manufacturing defects. Right before shipment, we do an additional quality check.


        Do you want each employee to receive their own parcel or have all of them sent together? You decide what is easiest for your company!


        After-sales service

        Stock management

        Would you like to immediately build up a stock of uniforms? We can manage that stock for you. You can request a report with a detailed overview of your stock at any time.

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        New staff

        When you have new members joining the team, we will schedule a fitting, on site or in our showroom, to take their measurements. We can then provide the uniform from stock or start a new production run.



        We strive for quality and sustainability. We want you to enjoy our workwear for a long time. If a colleague has lost weight, and the uniform no longer fits properly, our seamstress will gladly check whether we can make some alterations.


        Visit our showroom

        Are you curious about what Xandres Corporate Fashion can do for your business? The coffee is always ready for you in our bright, spacious showroom. Visit us soon, share your brand story, and challenge us... We would love to help you come up with the perfect workwear for your size.

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        Customer testimonial

        After all, our customers are our main ambassadors


        Tine L.

        Head of Reception & Patient Administration
        "Xandres’ clothing has created a professional and beautiful appearance at our hospital’s reception. The uniform is stylish, timeless, and looks great on our staff."


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